Picture Rails

I offer a picture rail installation service because whether your needs are residential or commercial, picture rails are perfect. With picture rails you will be able to easily change or rotate your pictures and art whenever you want to and in whichever way you want.

You will not have to deal with any holes in your walls, nor will you need nails, and never again look for a stud in the walls.

Picture rails used to be the domain of art galleries, but now they are affordable and available to anyone at home, in the classroom, in the office or any business that wants to hang pictures.

I recommend ArtiTEQ Click Rails; they are easy to use, flexible, and unobtrusive at the top of your walls. They can also be painted.

Please contact me to discuss your needs for supply and installation.

What I like about picture rails is that they offer so much choice for adjusting what you hang.

What ArtiTEQ themselves say

“Artiteq has been creating, developing and producing hanging concepts since 1995, and is located in Tilburg, in the Netherlands. Design, quality, flexibility, user-friendliness, service and value-for-money are the keywords we apply in the development of our hanging systems. It is also important to respond to trends and take into account consumers’ growing interest in their living environments.

Artiteq has in-house product development and quality control capabilities. In designing and producing our hanging systems, we aim to achieve the highest level of quality and place a high priority on the environment and sustainability issues. We apply care and precision in guaranteeing the safety of our products through extensive quality control procedures.”

Hang your pictures without nail and no holes in the wall when you use a picture rail systeml.

There is more

Additional to the Click Rail described above, ArtiTEQ offers a further range of solutions. For example, hanging systems for project and corporate use, as well as ready-to-use hanging concepts for home use. If you prefer to install picture rails yourself, you can find and purchase these Artiteq systems here. However, please do not hesitate to ask me for help if you get stuck during the installation and want to use my picture rail installations service :-).


Picture rails allow easy changing of photos of new employees on display in a public area.

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