Here is a picture hanging portfolio,

which shows some of my past work

Here is a

picture hanging portfolio,

which shows

some of my past work

Ten frames of different sizes and designs coming together as a montage (where the whole is more than the sum of its parts).

Montages are a popular format for family photos, and a highlight in my work I very much enjoy doing.

An otherwise bare wall radiates homeliness and warmth with a lovely picture montage idea.

A group of five ceramic birds “flying” across two walls.

The birds came with no means to fix to the wall, so some purpose-made fittings needed to be created to allow the birds to be fastened flush to the wall.

Ceramic art

12 Art Deco posters in the process of being hung in a long hallway. The frames are fastened with a “Secure T-Screw Picture Hanging System”. This system easily prevents theft but fastening its 3 components requires a high level of accuracy by the picture hanger.

Picture hanging is made easy in this scenario by using a jig to secure the correct placement.

This montage of diverse original artworks covers a wall more than 4.5 meters in length. Many of these pieces carry a personal and significant story for the owner, making this montage even more meaningful.

Montage of large artworks

Relocating from the family home to a retirement village can be an unsettling experience. Having many of one’s beloved artworks, such as this quirky montage installed in the downsized apartment can make a new place instantly more familiar and homely.

Montage with ornamental fish

This company meeting room has a grid with staff awards. I have designed the grid pattern such that it is very easy to add another row and many more awards over the coming years, without disturbing the overall balance and appearance of the total grid as it grows.

Awards and Certificates arranged in a grid

Some customers have more demanding pieces of art, like this ceramic sculpture that they want hung professionally.

Ceramic art sculpture

Large or heavy mirrors can be challenging to hang. This particular mirror has been hung with french cleats.

A large mirror on a dark wall can be a real highlight.

A flower image printed onto a perspex sheet with a LED lighthing “squiggle” on top. Fastened with 6 specialty screws, which create a gap from the wall to allow space for wiring and achieve a three dimensional appearance.

Perspex lightbox with added LED lighting

Four large, original oil paintings have been arranged according to the artist’s instructions.

Strictly following an artist's hanging arrangement instructions is paramount but not always easy.

Narrow stairs can be challenging places to hang something. This large flag’s right corner fixing is nearly 4.5 metres above the ground and too far away to be reached from the glass balustrade at the side.

Difficult hanging placements require the right gear by the picture hanger.
Putting final touches to the positioning of a large, original oil painting (1.5 by 2.5 metres).
Carefully placing of pictures is always important, especially when dealing with valuable original artworks.
Rather than hang a mirror on the wall it is possible to have large mirrors stand on the floor and still secure them with an anti-tipping-kit. Such an anti-tipping-kit is made up of two fittings connected with a strong aircraft cable and works well for TVs or furniture at risk of toppling too.
The entrance impression for an historic Art Deco office building in Napier. Both the mirror and poster are security fastened with T-screws to prevent theft.
A grand staircase in an original Art Deco building from the 1930s enhanced with the right arrangement.
An old oil painting becomes the centre piece in an arrangement with other family heirlooms (approximately 150 years old in an ornate frame which is brittle from age).
This picture frame looks impressive and massive, yet is brittle from age and easy to damage.

A minimalist montage of original artworks effectively arranged in a hallway.

Always a challenging job to add pictures to an existing picture montage.

An AirBnB has been enriched with well-placed artwork.

The trick is to space attractive images at a comfortable height.

Two matching boxed picture frames are positioned in a way that allows flowers and sculptures to be arranged sympathetically on the sideboard.

A good picture framer can enhance even the slightest 3-D effect one is searching for.

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